Tim Giles

Debary , Florida

Larry Dick

Clyde, Ohio

We were very pleased with all the associates of this company. Both when they picked up and delivery. The associates were very polite and courteous. They took the extra time to make sure that everything was protected and that the boxes were taped very good. I would give this company an A+ and would recommend to my best friends.

Katherine Landini

Fort Lauderdale to, New Jersey

I cannot say enough about Agility Movers. I hired them to move me from Fort Lauderdale to New Jersey. The Price was fair . They came when they said they would. They were fast courteous respectful and very good. they moved me on Thursday and my belongings arrived on Sunday as promised. No damage and everything is fine. Therefore I am giving them a 5 Star, I would highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed

Katia Gonzalez Farinas

Elizabeth, New Jersey

I'm very happy with the services provided by Agility Van Lines (moving from Miami, FL to Elizabeth, NJ). The teams for pickup and delivery did an amazing job, Teddy and his crew were really fast and professional, and at the office there was always someone available to provide the information that I needed. Highly recommended.


Des Moines , Iowa

It will always be a pleasure!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nancy K Murray

Henrietta, NEW YORK

Moving my 90 father-in-law and his wife from Orlando to Rochester NY It has been a very stressful situation. Vince at Agility has been very helpful. Trying to coordinate dates is the worse. Alex and his crew that packs us was great , professional , hard working ,& clean. Now we haven't received furniture yet that is the last part of this puzzle and praying that the furniture will be on time so we can deliver these special people to Thier new apartment completely furnished with their own things.

Lou Connor

Bloomington, Illinois

Moved from Illinois to Ohio. Furniture was carefully wrapped in their blankets. Driver was clearly experienced and thoughtful loading and delivering. Agility staff were always responsive. Received refund since I had fewer cubic feet than estimated.

Amber Milner

Charleston , South Carolina

My experience with agility van lines was absolutely amazing and especially with John he was there for me throughout the whole process and was a great help . Highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to relocate.

Steve Freiman and Beth Margerum

Glen Burnie, MD

Derrick, Calvin and Zach were terrific professionals! The Five stars are for them. Agility is very fortunate to have dedicated men like this taking care of business and delivering superb customer service. This moving team made a severe delay less painful. The delay was not the moving crew's fault. Pack was supposed to be Thursday. Move was supposed to be Friday. Everything got on the truck by 6 pm Saturday. Again, no fault to the crew. Also, despite the big problem and delay, "Tinka" (sorry if misspelled) and Shane had a helpful attitude with me on the phone in the heat of the demise. A problem occurred, but got resolved. This review is part 1 of 2 (the pickup) We will see what happens for the delivery. We have high hopes!!! Don't let us down! Please Wow us like Derrick, Calvin and Zach did!

Cynthia L Miller

Rock Falls,, Illinois

Refreshing to deal with such down to earth people who are ready to act and move things along easily. Very supportive and organized. John is an ace.

Derrick Birdsong

East Hartford , CT

Great service! I definitely recommend. Good service & Customer service was great.

Shawn Feinstein

Boca Raton , Fl

I worked with Vince who was extremely knowledgeable & helpful. I would highly recommend this moving service..

Martin P.


Agility van lines is an extremely efficient moving company. I was surprised at how quickly they got everything done. They placed the belongings very carefully. They didn’t spend much time to pack my belongings. They are polite and trustworthy. This company should be anyone’s first choice when they are moving. I am very impressed with the service

Frank C.


Excellent service from start to finish. Alex was upfront, honest and very fair with pricing. The movers were great too. All around I highly recommend Agility Van Lines. Thank you again Alex and all who helped out.

Wendy R.

, GA - NJ

Getting moved from Georgia to New Jersey was as stress free as moving can get. Everything Errol told me came true and the team that did the work on move day busted their tails to get the move done in the limited time the building gave us access to the elevator. Thanks guys for everything and happy holidays / new years.

Joei S.


I recently used Agility Van Lines to move. I worked with Vince. I really appreciate Vince's patience and willingness to take the time necessary to help me. I was very pleased and felt comfortable with Vince from the start. We were picked up and delivered within 4 days. The foreman Fritz and his men did an awesome job at pickup and delivery. Thanks to all the men for a job well done. I will recommend Vince and his company to my friends and family.

Sarah C.


I had to move on very short notice and was under a lot of pressure. Vince at Agility was very patient and understanding. Vince spent over two hours with me to help me understand and to make sure everything would go well. Everything turned out to be just fine. I got picked up and delivered in three days. A BIG shout out to Vince and his crew!

Stan C.


Errol was extremely helpful in our moving plans. He went above and beyond to explain the difference between movers and brokers. This being our first time in this situation was very educational. This is actually a move of our daughter and grandaughter and we decided to rent a truck and do the move ourselves so that we could spend time with them in their new location. If we were ever to be in the need of movers again, we would definitely consider Agility Van Lines and would request Errol as our agent. He was outstanding.

Allison J.


John, you were right and I greatly appreciate all the time you spent with me in the phone. Your movers were amazing as well. On a side note I took more than I was planning on taking and your dispatch team was so fair with the pricing. Thank you John and all Agility employees.

Joseph B.


I really appreciate Vince's efforts in helping my family move from Florida to Georgia. Vince is very genuine and truly cares about helping people. My wife was very pleased with him and felt very comfortable from the start. Vince scheduled our pickup on Thursday and we were delivered on Sunday and ready for work on Monday. The foreman Ken and his crew did a great job in Florida as well as Georgia. Everything was good and I will call Vince again if needed. Thanks to all the guys for a job well done.

Cristina R.


I've heard some real horror stories from people when dealing with moving companies, so when a friend recommended Agility I was apprehensive. Moving my parents from Miami to New York is no small move and my mom had A LOT of stuff (a lot of which are collections of things that she will never use but can't bear to part with.) I was really concerned how things were going to go overall, but guys coming in to pack up everything was going to be an ordeal....NOT AT ALL! Calling in was a breeze: Austin made sure to ask all the right questions, explained the entire process to me, and properly took my inventory. The price was fair, and he guaranteed professional workers caring for my parents belongings. When the guys showed up to pack up my parents house, they showed up in Agility Van Lines Uniform and were ready to work. They knocked out my parents house in about 5 hours!!! Sandro, the foreman, was very nice to my mom who was probably driving him crazy suggesting how he should pack things. He maintained his professionalism, and he and his helper got everything done safely and efficiently. Sandro made sure to advise us of any additional fees before doing anything. My mom saw how well they were doing that she stopped hovering around them.

Alex T.


I was just so stressed out about this move. Agility van lines is a good moving company which lend a helping hand during these stressful times. I called them and they seemed to be very thorough with the questions. They called me back very quickly with a quote which seemed reasonable enough. Their men arrived on time on the moving day. I was quite delighted seeing the men at work. They were very skilled at packing my breakables. They loaded everything very expertly onto their vans. I received all my things on the scheduled delivery day and everything was in very good condition. I am quite pleased with how everything went during this move.

Darlene S.


As usual I wait till the last minute... So why would I do any different when it comes to moving. I was contacted by 2 dozen people and there were a few that I chose to talk to, but the one that sounded the most genuine was Alex. Everything he told me came true. The picture he painted came to life when the movers arrived. They were so polite too. My stuff was moved and I couldnt be any happier. Pricing was fair, there were no damages and honesty was there the entire time. Thank you so much and I cant express my gratitude enough for Agility Van Lines.

Thomas B.


I am a veteran client of Agility van lines. My job takes me to new places every once in a while and I always go to them for sorting out my move. The movers are extremely punctual, both during arrival and delivery. It’s always a treat seeing these men at work because they make it seem so easy. They always show amazing skills when it comes to the packing-loading process. I have worked with different crews sent from the company and every crew is just amazing. I have a lot of respect for the crews and I always instruct them well as everyone should. I can guarantee you that you won’t find a better moving company in this country.

Becky M.


Great experience! I was referred by a co worker since our company is relocating a few of us in the next few months. John was great and very honest about the process, which I appreciated greatly. When we got picked up the pricing was fair and the gentleman worked so hard. I told my other co workers about John and Austin and I hope they make the same decision I made.

Robert M.


My job relocated me to SC but I had to provide 3 quotes. All were in the budget that I was given, but the one that stood out for me was the honesty and politeness that John gave me when we spoke. On move day the 3 guys that showed up on time were just as polite. The move went smooth without a hitch. I have to thank John and the team at agility van lines.



I was very timid to use a moving company after the horror stories I had heard. I was contacted by a few companies and there was one gentleman that stood out from the rest. His professional attitude and honesty was different from the rest. Alex wasnt pressuring me for money like the others. The decision was made and on move day the movers worked so hard and in sync with one another. I am very pleased with my choice and I highly recommend Agility Van Lines.



Recently relocated to TN and had a very good experience with John. John was very knowledgeable and took the time to help me in a very short notice. John was thorough and straight to the point, I like that in an individual. John was not pushy or rushed me at any time. We spent a lot of time going over all the details. John told me I will only be charged for the space I take and told me to be honest with him because when his truck shows up he doesn't want there to be any surprises. At first, i did not know how to take that. John's crew arrived and did an excellent job and I was not charged any more than what I was quoted. There was no damage and I would like to thank John and his team for helping me. As I told John, I will refer my friends and family to him.

Roger W.


John and Vince were a great team that handled my move for me. Thanks guys. You both were honest, polite and your hard working movers were a great face of your company. The foreman Alex made sure all my items were accounted for and handled gently. You deserve more than 5 stars in my book guys. Thankfully I listened when you both told me about that other company

Jerry M

Plantation, FL

The move was great...Agilty Van Lines made our move so easy...I would use them again.

Alex A.

Durham, North Carolina

When I am ready to move my stuff out of storage, I will certainly use these guys again.

Sherri C.

Marietta, Georgia

Great service, constant communication, very happy with our move!

Jeff G.

Toledo, Ohio

I just recently used Agility Van Lines for my cross country move. The service was excellent and I would recommend them to anyone!


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